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Last Time On.... Horror Story

"Before the sun came up, and the moon came down, it was a starry night at New York City, especially Manhattan. As it was summer, it had not rained for a long time in the city, so it was expected of the people living there to keep their windows open, as it may be hot inside.

Kaeghan woke up in the middle of the night, screaming and kicking in his bed, with sweat coming from his ears, his hair, his face, his body, and places he did not even know he could sweat at. He had just had a nightmare where he was in a school bus with all his classmates, and the bus fell from a bridge, and hit a hard rock, destroying its front part and splattering lots of, what once were, human bodies.

He knew it was not true, but he could just not bear with the thought of having him and any of his friends die. Kaeghan was a 17 year old, like any regular teenager of Manhattan, and happened to be the class representative of class 3-C. He had always been a “scared of everything” person, but he still managed to find ways to be cheered up when he was sad.

He got out of bed, and started getting ready for the dare he and his friends agreed. He and 12 other people would visit the brown house at 14 West 10th street, informally known as the House of Death. Rumors had said, that this house existed for 150 years now, and some ghosts, who made the lives of the people who lived inside of it the worst nightmare a person could ever imagine, haunted it.

As the clock hit 3:00 AM, Kaeghan opened his window, and climbed down the fire escape ladder, off on his way to 14 West 10th Street. After some time walking, his friends welcomed him on the neighborhood street near the house, and Kaeghan noticed he was the only person they were waiting for to enter the house.

There was a totality of 13 people, including Kaeghan. There was Natalie, a short girl with golden braids, known for her always kind personality and her enthusiasm over anything. She was practically jumping of excitement to enter the house, something not common in most people. There was Anthony, the class nerd, known for not being really that talkative to people, and always a little mysterious around others, despite still being a nice guy. There was a couple, Alex and Charley, and both were a contrast to each other. Alex was a calm guy, shy and never too outgoing, while Charley was a vibrant woman, outspoken and excited for adventure. Then, there was the trio of triplets, Zach, Alf and Ahad. The Smart, The Strong and the Pretty One. Born and raised together, and always irritating each other, to the point they didn’t even hang out together. There was also Sam, a jock who had anger management issues, and always freaked out when he got under pressure. Isaac, the “seizure” kid, who always had to take meds from time to time, was the one people tried to avoid, but he still managed to hang around with them. Finally, there was the “Back Class Seat” club, Jake, Max and CJ, who always sat on the back of the classroom, and tried to stir up trouble and problems. It was really a surprise to all they still were friends with. Oddly enough, they were all 17 year olds, who were ready to enter a house known for its countless deaths and myts, so they were very brave ones.

The 13 were getting ready to enter the house, and scareddy cat Kaeghan hesitated a little, but Ash comforted him, and they lined up to enter, the most brave on the front, the most coward on the back. Sure enough, Max, CJ and Alf were the first to enter the house, while Zach, Isaac and Kaeghan ended up being some of the last to enter, and as Kaeghan’s left foot stepped out of the door, to inside the house, they came in a place, they would probably never get out of again.

As they all got in, walking slowly in the wooden floor, making squeaking noises, that echoed all over the house, and came back to their ears, they felt a strong burst of wind on their faces. Natalie’s braids started flying in the air, pushing her back, when, suddenly, all the wind stopped and the door was shut, creating tremendous shaking everywhere. “AHHHHHHHHH!” yelled the teens, as the house started shaking. “Is this an earthquake!?” screamed Ahad, trying to find a place to hide, but was just too paralized to even move.

Soon, all the shaking stopped, and they were left alone, in the house, in complete silence.

Max was the first to make a move. He quickly panicked and tried to open the front door, but it wasn’t opening. “WHAT?!” he shouted, as his hands were gripped in the doorknob, pulling and pulling, but the door wouldn’t budge.

“Let me try.” said CJ. However, no matter how hard he pulled the doorknob, or pushed the door, it wouldn’t open, and they realized they were stuck there.

“So, how are going to get out?” asked Alf. Despite the situation he was in, he didn’t seem scared at all. Maybe he was being optimistic on the outside, but deep inside, he was frightened to the bone.

“I mean, this house is probably so famous, people are making a prank with us, right?” suggested Charley “They clearly want us to explore the house and find a key or something.”

“Charley has a point. We could all be in a TV show right now as far as we know.” said Zach. “Oh, so there is no point in being scared? Pheww. I was getting worried.” Kaeghan let a deep breath escape, after panicking before.

“Alright, sooo-o-o-o th-h-e first rule in a Horror movie: Don’t split up-p. I watched a lot of those, and I highly think we can get out of here if we don’t separate. Naturally, if you start making out with someone or go by yourself, you die.” said Anthony, stammering at every syllable, as he did looked scared to death.

So the group started walking together. The house was divided in 13 sectors according to a maganize that Jake had read during class, and they all had names to divide them. There was the Kitchen, the Balcony, the Main Hall, the Living Room, the Upstairs Bathroom, the Attic, the Basement, the First Floor Hall, the Second Floor Hall, the Visit’s Bedroom, the Couple’s Bedroom, the Single Bedroom, the Porch, and a place not confirmed to be existent, called the Dungeon, where rumors say it was a torture place used by ghosts and old witches, but the place was never found, so it is assumed it never existed and the rumors were not true.

As the group walked from the door into the Main Hall, they kept hearing squaking noises from the wodden floot echoing through the house, and no matter how confident any of them looked, all of them were truly scared in their insides. They noticed how the house was so classy, as it had chandeliers on the roof in nearly every room, and the furniture reminiscented XIII century houses.

As Alf, who was leading the group, turned around the corner, into the Living Room, a horrific scream from Alex, Charley and Anthony crowded the house, as they stumbled upon the terrible sight in front of them. Ahad and Natalie got paralized, and just looked blankly at that scene, not believeing what was happening. CJ barfed on the floor, throwing all the remains of his dinner on the dark brown floor, while still splattering some on Kaeghan.

As everyone looked in shock, with their jaws dropped up to their neck, some paralized, others sweating, they saw something none of them had probably seen in their entire life.

Hanging from the living room’s chandelier was a rope, and as it came down, you could see the horrend sight of it being gripped around a body’s neck, strangling its lifeless body until that moment, making a pale face to what once was a woman.

“WHAT THE HELL?” screamed Kaeghan, with sweat coming from his face, and breathing so quickly his heart started beating fast, as he was about to break down.

“IS THAT A HUMAN BODY?” said Sam. “If any of you is making a sick joke, I will punch you in the jugular”

“Oh my god, what is going on?” asked Isaac, passing his head around his hair, concerned and shocked.

“I’m out of here. Later bitches.” said Zach, as he rushed from the Living Room, into the Main Hall, running as fast as he could. It was not long until countless other people, such as Kaeghan and Ahad, started following him as they rushed to the door. However, when they got there, they remembered something, that made them punch the door with their bare hands, until they started hurting themselves: the door was locked, and it wasn’t going to open.

“CRAP!” Natalie let out a shout “So let’s see: we are stuck in a “haunted” house with a dead body hanging, a locked door, and no cellphones?”

“I seriously hate you right now, Max” said CJ “If it wasn’t for your stupid ‘Let’s be brave and not bring our cellphones’ bullshit, we wouldn’t be STUCK here”

“Well, don’t go blaming me now. Plus, aren’t there others way to leave the house?” suggest Max “Try breaking a window or something”

So, Max tried to break the window. First, he kicked it, but was shocked to see there was no harm. He kept kicking it with his soccer shoes, but noticed there was no damage. So he decided to go extreme. He grabbed a lamp that was on a desk, and threw it with all his strenghts on the window, but sadly, it was to no luck. He watched shocked as the window remained unbreaked.

“Well, we are certainly trapped here.” said Max.

“This can only be a test guys. We-e just need to investigate like if it was a real horror movie. That woman is probably not dead, she looks like just a corpse from the morg. She may have an identity and everything we need to figure this out, so let us just kee-e-e-e-ep calm and start by looking at her ‘body’ first.” said Anthony, still stammering.

“Alright, I think we are more calm now. So let’s just check the body?” suggested Charley

So the group walked, some still scared, others with a more burning passion to escape the place, and looked at the body. They noticed that the body of the young woman, had a dyed hair, and she seemed in her late 20’s. Her skin was pale, and it looked like she banged her head on a wall, as she had a scar on her forehead, and it looked recent.

“Ok, she has a recent bruise, so this must have happened in the last 3 days.” said Alex

Alex, while shy and quiet, still was a good soon to be doctor, and used to know most stuff about health better than any of them.

“Check her pockets, honey. Maybe she had an ID or something.” warmly said Charley “If we are going to be in a horror story, might as well try to ‘solve’ whatever happened here”

So Alex, hesitantly, reached for her jeans’ pocket. He looked inside some pockets, and found a wallet. He gave it to Charley and kept searching her jacket pockets, and found an raggedy book, seemingly a diary, but looked so disgasted that some pages looked ripped off or pulvarized.

“Well, there are 20$ in her wallet and an ID.” said Isaac “Ash Crimson, Writer, Born 1985”

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“Hey! Isn’t that that writer that did horror researchers?” questioned Natalie

“Looks like her. She has a diary here, which she must have used to make notes, and didn’t we see her on an interview saying she was going on a trip to a mysterious place to find out the real truth of it?”

“Let’s open it and see” suggested Max

The Diary

So the 13 kids sat on the couch, some pushing others to get space, but eventually everyone got a good angle of the diary. As they started passing page to page, they saw how the writer was just there to investigate some stuff, about the myth of the House of Death, as she was really interested in it after she heard an attorney killed his daughter in it.

“Wait, an attorney killed his daughter in this house?!” complained Zach

“Apparentely everyone on this house went crazy. Like they were cursed just because they were here.” suggested Charley

Some pages were pulvarized that it was really hard to read them, and others were just ripped off and missing, which caused reading excrutiating hard, but some words were still made up. They read about her researches on the house, and how she was going to live there for 3 weeks, and probably would need to learn a lot about it before doing so. They eventually reached the last 4 pages, which featured her stay in the house.

“Ok, so here is when she moved here.” said Anthony

They kept reading and it detailed her first day in the house. It said how everything went fine, but she kept hearing noises at night. She also described how at night she remembered waking up from a nightmare, and looking outside the house through the window, and she described seeing a “ugly woman with a pointy nose looking at me like she was going to kill me or something”.

“Wow, did she see a witch?” suggested Kaeghan

“Looks like it. Maybe this place is haunted by a witch for years?” suggested CJ

They read and read the book, but were more and more horrified by the things they saw. Apparentely the last pages were with a more sloppy writing, as if the writer had been tired. They read and read it, until they reached the last line.

'‘I don’t know how, I don’t know why, but she won’t leave me alone. HELP’'

They tried turning the page, but noticed there were 3 pages missing in the end.

“WHERE IS THE REST?!” yelled Sam

“Calm down. She probably ripped them apart. Maybe they are still in this house?” said Jake “What if we started looking in this place? There were 13 sectors in this house as far as I know, and we are 13 so that works perfectly!”

“But are we really going to split up? I really don’t think it is a smart idea, especially in a place like this.” said Anthony

“Ok, so we should just make a system. Let us all decide that we will each investigate these “sectors” and reunite near the mythical dungeon?” suggested Jake “they say it is under the stairs leading to the first floor, so essentially we would just meet up in the Main Hall. I myself think if any of you find a key, any of the pages, any of that, reply back in the Main Hall, ok?”

“I like that idea. But, let us just take notice of the three things that we discovered with the body, ok?” said Charley “By her ID, we got her name was Ash Crimson and she was a writer. By her diary, we saw she was coming here to investigate the mysteres of the house. And something you guys did not notice, she has an extremely high amount of black dust in her jacket.”

“I guess that is pretty much it. But we would need to find out some stuff to put this all together. Well, see you guys soon, any problem just scream, ok?” said Alf

And the 13 teens all departed different ways, trying to find out the mystery between Ash Crimson’s death.

After some time searching, Ahad was the first person to get into the Main Hall. It seemed like his investigating went rather well, but it did not look the same to others. Soon, Alf came by, with a scratched cheek, and looked scared.

"Prank my ass! This house is haunted!" shouted Alf in a rather angry tone.

"What happened? Did you fall or cut your face or something like that?!" questioned Ahad

"Ohhh, it was nothing, just a chandelier falling near my eye view. Anyways, I really did not find much information, other than glass can cut."

Soon, lots of other people appeared, all of them so scared and terrified, despite some looked more scared than others.

"I am never going to climb a ladder again. That was terrifying enough." said CJ "But, on the bright side, I did find something that can help us."

"Yeah. I mean, I am now traumatized to ever go on an attic again, and I have burned my hands a little, but I did not come out of that room empty handed." replied Zach

After that, the only people who needed to come back did, and those were Isaac and Anthony. Anthony, climbing down the stairs, and Isaac, magically appearing from under the carpet.

"Guys, I am scared." said Isaac as he laid down on Charley's shoulders and began to cry, even with an angry Alex looking "I don't know what to do, there is just so much stuff to proccess, and I did not even get a good clue."

"You guys do notice, unlike most of you, I did find some good information right? I climbed up to the attic, and upstairs, there were lots of candles and pentagrams, and pentacles. Ring a bell?" said Zach

"Pentagram, what's that?" asked Alex

"Well, if memory serves me well..." said Zach as he grabbed a paper and pen from Sam's jacket.

"Something sort of like this:"


"Oh my god, I think I have seen this before. This are symbols they use in religious traditions, but they were corrupted by an old myth, and this myth are commonly known as witches." said Anthony "So, if from what you said, and from what I think I may have noticed, we are stuck on a witches' house."

"Any idea what we should do next?" asked Natalie

As many faces grinned and shruged, some because they may not have an idea of what to do, others because they may know stuff they are not supposed to know, it was clear they were not going to get anywhere.

"Well, if nobody is suggesting ideas, we might as well take a leap of faith. You see, the maganize I was reading did say this house was divided in 13 sections, but it also said there is a mystery section hidden somewhere in the house, and that would be the Dungeon. So, if we have nowhere to go, we can always try that." suggested Jake

Soon, Alf looked like he had been struck by lighting, and may have remembered something in his mind.

"That rings a bell. What if we tried finding it? As far as I know, it could be anywhere, but old houses used to make secret compartments under the staircases, so we can start there." said him.

As the 13 students went banding together to under the staircase, they noticed it was solid wodden wall, but it looked like there was something hidden on it, as when they punched it, they notice a sound, as if it were hallow.

"Do it again!" yelled Charley "Maybe we can try and break it!"

As Max, Jake and Alf kept hitting on the wall, they soon managed to take it down. However, when they did so, they noticed a long white corridor inside it, which seemed lit already.

"This may not be a good idea. But what chances do we have not doing it anyway?" said CJ

So the kids walked through the corridor, and when they reached the end, they saw a mysterious door, with a pentacle on it, having 5 names on the tip of each star tip. These words were Spirit, Earth, Air, Water and Fire.

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"I think this is very likely the door to the dungeon. But since when is Spirit an element?" asked Zach

As they opened the door, and started walking downstairs, they seemed scared and terrified. It was a long tunnel cave leading to the dungeons, but they were wondering if they would possible get stuck in such a place.

Images (1)

They walked and walked for some time, until they reached the so called dungeons. They gasped at the horrific sights of blood splattered on the floor, bird's wings ripped on the floor, skeletons chained to walls, and a big cauldron on the center of the room.

"I am going to puke again." said Isaac trying to hold himself "This is just pure disgusting."

"This is so awful, I don't know how could a person do such a thing like this, who could have?" asked Ahad

"Maybe a sick, wicked, 'ugly woman with a pointy nose looking at us like she was going to kill us or something'? This is a witch's house for sure." argumented Alex

"Hey, there is a list over there!" rushed Natalie as she leaned on the floor to grab the list.

"Spell for Imortallity."


"Wow. So maybe these red marks near each thing is a check for as in, OK?" suggested Max "That's sick."

"I mean, I do believe the fourth one was the one where the attorney killed his daughter. I can't seem to think of how she found or is going to find any of the others."

"Wait, look!" said Kaeghan as he pointed to the paper "There is something on the back"

"Heart or just blood, is all I need For the spell to be complete Her bearting heart is all I seek And I shall now aseek

The old spell that must be said is easy and hidden, in this place But only witches can say the spell If not, you go straight to hell

The riddle to find, is hidden here:

"Blood of my heart, my tides, my moon. Blood of my heart, my salvation, my doom."

"This is some deep shit." said Jake

"No time for jokes, Jake. This is probably a riddle or something we have to figure out." Charley said

"Can we just try to sit down, and figure this out?" suggested Alex.

There is no need to figure this out, as it looks like it is very simple. In all honesty, you guys are missing the big picture here." said CJ "You guys clearly remember there was a pentacle in the door where we got in right?"

"I guess?" asked Jake

"There were 5 items on that list. The Turkey Buzzard, the Mandrake Plant, the Lover's Ashes, the Death of a Kid, and the Heart of a White Witch. There were 5 names on the pentacle, Spirit, Earth, Fire, Water and Air.

Images (2)

The Turkey Buzzard, a common bird, can represent Air, and is famous on witchcraft for having his skull used in potions. The Mandrake Plant, known for being used as an old witch medicine, and represents Earth. The Lover's Ashes are a common term used in witchcraft for sacrificing someone you love, then burning their body, representing Fire. Death of a Kid can throwback to old witch's spells of "eating children", and also that kid that was killed by the attorney. And as far as we can guess, maybe she was drowned, representing water? I can also say that the heart of somebody may represent their spirit."

As people looked in awe to CJ's logic, they realized it too.

"So basically, this is all connected to that pentagram thingy?" asked Sam

"Essentially. I can also assume that the riddle was related to a curse of love, so that only furthers my conclusion of sacrifice related here."

As they all looked at each other, trying to suck the facts in, it seemed like some of them were looking odd, as if they were going to faint. Soon, Charley fell onto Alex's arms, leaving a moan as she fell.

"Oh no, Charley are you ok?" asked Alex in quick words

"What is going on?" asked Charley, nearly fainting

"Oh my god, Charley, what are you feeling?" asked Natalie

"Dizzy, sick, like if I just had a lot of dust thrown in my face and I swallowed some."

"Oh, here I go too." said Zach as he started falling on the floor, with Ahad and Alf quickly taking a grip of him

"Guys, what is going on!? Who is doing all this? Is it that sick witch?" asked Max in hesitation

As everyone looked shocked, and in panic, CJ stood up and his reaction went from scared, to indignated.


"Yeah?" asked Isaac as he saw CJ's face, wondering what was going on

"There are only 13 of us here, and I think I have found important information that mean something."

"And that 'information' would be?" questioned Alf

"Well, I don't think you guys would understand it as much as I do, but basically.... ONE OF YOU IS THE WITCH!" shouted CJ as he pointed his finger at various people

"WHAT?!" yelled people

"I can't believe it, he is right. One of you IS the WITCH! AND YOU ARE JUST USING ONE OF MY FRIEND'S BODY TO HIDE!" said Kaeghan

"And how do I know none of you is lying, and is just really the witch faking not being her?" asked Max

"I know who it was." said some people in unison

"IT WAS YOU!" said nearly everyone, pointing all at the same person."

"'Me?' asked Charley, still laying on the floor "Are you guys high?"

As people looked at Charley furiously, Isaac decided to grab a bone and started aiming it at Charley.

"Witch of the West! You are the one who tried making our lives hell, but guess what? You are not going to live for another second!"

As Isaac tried to give a calculated blow with the bone at Charley's head, she quickly got up and evaded it.

"Are you out of your mind? Can't you see I am the least likely to be this sick witch? I barely have done anything that is suspicious."

"Then how can you prove you are not the witch?" asked Kaeghan

"I just know I am not, there is no need for evidence, if you cannot see, I was the one who suggested we looked for Ash's diary pages, which I would very likely not say if I was the witch."

"That doesn't really make sense"

"I am sorry?"

"Charley, I am sorry, but for the good of us, we must burn you." said Kaeghan, in a deep tone.

"WHAT?!" screamed Charley "You are the one suggesting to burn ME! How do I know you AREN'T the WITCH?"

"BURN HER!" shouted Kaeghan, Isaac and Sam grabbing a wood log from a nearby fireplace.

As the mob quickly charged into Charley, and she hid herself in Alex's arms, the mob hit an invisible wall.

"WHAT?!" yelled Jake punching the invisible barrier in front of them "Witch! Stop trying to save yourself!"

"Who said she was the witch? You guys clearly did not look closely all this time." said Alex, with his voice changing with time

"Alex? WHAT?!" asked Charley, as she backed off his arms

"I am sorry Charley, but, I never loved you. I never loved anyone. And that is why my spell failed. Yes, I am the witch, I have been one for so long. I hadn't been a witch forever. I had passed through a very tough journey as a kid, as I was even a girl. My father, an attorney, who changed houses every time, was an alcoholic, who mistreated me everyday. One day, a ghost visited me in my dreams, and I had a vision, which made me convert to the dark side of the witches. I learned black magic, and as a result, participated in rituals. However, to become a fully dark witch, I had to complete the Pentacle Spell. The Pentacle Spell, also known as the Immortality Spell, was the spell that would make one witch the most powerful witch in the whole dimension. The 5 ingredients to that, were a Turkey Buzzard Skull, a Mandrake Plant, the Ashes of someone you Loved, the death of a kid, and the heart of a white witch, or somebody with the blood of one. It all had to represent the 5 elements of Witchcraft: Earth, Fire, Air, Water and Spirit. I knew he had to get rid of my father first, so I used the Destiny Bond curse, and made me switch bodies with my father. Then, I, in my father's body, drowned my father in the bathtub, and escaped, in his body, with everyone thinking it was the little girl that had died. So I, now as a man, realized I needed to find a Turkey Buzzard skull, so I traveled, and found one, to represent Air. I also founded a garden so that way I grew a Mandrake Plant, representing Earth. Eventually, I even tried dated people, who I tried to grow close to, but both people I tried to love were not really my true love, so I just burned them, and considered them the Lover's Ashes, to represent Fire. Soon, I realized that I needed the heart of a white witch, but there was only one white witch left, and she was dead. So I waited and waited, until I could find an ancestor to her, and that was Ash Crimson. I guided her in life, making her like horror stories and mysteries, to the point of where she got so interested in investigating haunted houses, and she entered the house. She walked there, in the house, which was already filled with souls and ghosts of my past. I watched her inside the house, making her go crazy with the Dust Curse, a curse that made people go crazy, and in the end of the day, I was not able to get Ash's heart, as that little annoyance had decided to kill herself in order to prevent myself from stealing her heart. So, as you can see, I am the WITCH, who is ready to kill every single one of you."

"I am so out of here" said Kaeghan, as he rushed out of the Dungeons, running to the tunnels.

Soon, he was followed by others, such as Jake, Anthony and Zach. They ran and ran into the tunnels, but soon, they ended up running to the same place they had started.

"Oh no. YOU FILTHY WITCH! LET ME GO!" yelled Kaeghan

"I see your friend is volunteering to die first. I guess I can make that happen." said Alex, as he snapped his fingers

As he did so, Kaeghan's face started to become blue. Soon, he was turning purple, and it looked like he was losing his breath. He tried to breath, and breath, but he just could not, and his eyes started twiching, and he fell on the floor, in pain, rolling around and convulsing, trying to grab air. Eventually, he grabbed a nearby knife, and tried to open an air escape in his thoath, but as he tried to do so, his head reached a point, where it started to blow. His face blew and blew, and as it became bigger, it became so big, that it exploded, sending Kaeghan's brains, eyes and blood alongside the room, making Jake and Anthony faint, as the blood reached their faces, and they fell on the floor. Soon, Zach barfed, and passed out from the happening, while the others looked in shock at what happened.

"YOU MONSTER!" shouted Natalie "HOW DARE YOU DO A THING LIKE THAT?!" she tried to punch Alex, but could not penetrate the invisible barrier.

As Ahad barfed on the floor, it came to his mind they needed to get out of there as fast as possible. So he remembered something he had seen on the house, something that he forgot in his mind. A spell, in Ash's book, "The Best Scenario of Truth", which would make the first thing that appeared in his mind become truth.

"Guys! We need to gather quick!" said Ahad "Everyone in groups of 4 or 5, on the floor, each with their head in a different place!"


They quickly gathered, while Alex tried to torture the mind of those who had fainted, trying to give them the same curse of what was happening.

"One, two, three, safety" they chanted "four, five, six, sacrifice"

"What is this?" asked Alex "Trying to save yourself?"

"Seven, eight, ten, TOGETHER AS ONE!"

And as they chanted the last part, all of them became surrounded by a white aura, which would protect them from the harms of Alex.

"Wow, that is cute, trying to save yourselves, guess it won't work, will it?" said Alex as he threw a burst of energy into Charley, but as he did so, she seemed unharmed, proving the spell had worked "What?!"

"Good bye Alex, have fun in this place" said Ahad as he started running towards the exit followed by the rest.

Soon, everyone had left, until CJ heard something Alex said, which made him turn back.

"I guess you are forgetting about your friends, aren't you? They are going to stay here for a long time, unless you can help them"

"CJ!!" said the three in unison "SAVE ME!"

"I will give this one to you CJ. I will let you save one of your three friends, but you leave the other two to die, or I can throw a spell on you, that not even your silly aura can help. What will you do?" said Alex

"Ummmm...." mumbled CJ

"CJ" said Zach "You know I need to be saved, I have been your friend for so long"

"NO! CJ, listen, who was the one that helped you in detention? The one who was always by your side when we got in trouble? That was me CJ. Save me!" yelled Jake

"Or, you could save the person who is the smartest, and probably the one who would be of more value in your life. I always have had a crush on you CJ, I am not kidding." said Anthony

As lots of things went in CJ's mind, he made his decision.

"I choose...."

'I choose....' said CJ with a worried look on his face.

As CJ watched to all his friends, suffering, in pain, he knew he had to take action quick, or else Alex would make sure his protection spell would fade until it got weaker, and he was sure Alex would kill him if he let that happen.

"Well CJ, time ticks, and I guess your little spell is fading, isn't it?" said Alex as he started releasing a dark aura from his hands "You don't seem to have much time left..."

"ALRIGHT! I AM SAVING...." yelled CJ as he kept hesitating "ZACH!"

CJ quickly ran to the floor, and grabbed Zach's hand, and soon, Zach's whole body became covered with the white aura, and he seemed to recover quickly, as they both got out of the dungeons.

"CJ! ZACH! DON'T LEAVE ME!" yelled Jake

"Noooo! I was your friend for so long! How could you!?" shouted Anthony as he slammed the floor

Then, Alex made Anthony's body move to near Jake's, convulsing him in the process.

"Monster..." whispered Jake

"Well, here we have two souls that I would love to take with me to the other side, where you can suffer like countless other ones."

"Hey Alex, wanna know something? Your spell was not going to work anyway." said Anthony

"I beg your pardon?"

"You needed the ashes of someone you loved, and as far as I know, you never loved anyone have you? You are a puny weak heartless. You never loved the ghost of the Man upstairs, or the Woman upstairs, all of whom you met in different forms, haven't you?"

Alex's face started to form a grin.

"You even said you never loved Charley, so it must mean you are doomed to lose. Plus, wasn't there something saying that if the Spell of Immortality did not work, you would die at the sight of fire?" Anthony kept teasing Alex

As Alex's vein in his forehead started dialating, and becoming bigger and pulsative, Anthony kept going.

"I guess you are just doomed to fail. You are heartless, you are a witch. All the stuff that you probably would want to make right, are just a picture of your own delusional mind, corrupted by the spells you use to kill others. Might as well say it if I am going to die right?"

"You are so dead." said Alex as he materialized a wand, and started making a curse on Anthony.

"Cursed inside, cursed outside, may the hunger for crawling things hit yo.." said Alex, as Anthony did something crazy that stopped his spell.

"I guess you did not expect me to be a wizard myself did you? Like it or not, I am a GOOD wizard, and you are so doomed, that you will not even imagine. I came to this house to protect my friends, but guess what, you did take the life of one of them, so you will have to pay." said Anthony as he held a great staff in his hand, canalizing energy to it

"Oh great, a fight with a wizard. Guess what, your "rainbow" magic will not help me here. All you have is "happiness" spells, against spells that can kill you, make you suffer, and as you saw, even blow your head up"

"Too bad, I am not like that, and I don't care about your spells affecting me. If I am going down, you are coming with me." said Anthony, as he slammed his staff onto the floor, creating a shaking on the house.

"What? WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" asked Alex, unbalanced

"Oh, I am just sending us to a place that I think your powers will not work. It is called the sun. We will burn there, as I am not letting you escape anywhere."

"Well, well, well. Anthony, you are making me proud, but what about your silly friend that is about to die with us in the sun?"

"You mean that puppet I made out of bones while you were not looking and sent Jake running away?"

As Alex looked to the body on the floor, he noticed that it was a fake, and in fact, the real Jake had escaped while he had not seen.

"But... but..." mumbled Alex

"It is only fair right?" said Anthony

And as they looked onto each other, the house started dissapearing in the middle of the street, with the teens looking at it in panic.

"It is going to explode!" said Ahad "Run guys! RUN!"

They ran and ran, until they ended up 2 blocks away from the house, and as they saw the house rise up on the sky, and start traveling to the sun in a high speed, that not even a human eye could see, and it hit the sun, creating an explosion in the sky, killing both Alex and Anthony.

"Anthony...." mumbled Jake "He was such a brave guy, or whatever he was"

"I guess this was quite an adventure. We lost 3 friends, well 2, but can we agree never to visit these kind of houses again?"

"Here here" said them in unison

And as they started to walk away, CJ noticed a piece of paper on the floor, with a picture of the back of Anthony's neck, with a Green number that read '3'.

"This is odd... Well, I guess I should just keep this with me for now."

"So where are we going now?" asked Natalie

And, in an odd moment, they all said the same thing.


And they kept walking, as if they had never said that.....


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